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Mission Statement

"At the heart of Stay Fit Boot Camp, our mission is to get
our clients measurable results in the least amount of time possible, while maintaining our core values of safety first, commitment to the client's individual goals, and improvements at every fitness level."

Since 2008 Stay Fit LLC has remained committed to helping people from all walks of life get into the best shape of their lives while boosting self confidence, dropping body fat and giving clients a greater outlook on life itself!

Starting from a small gym in Chino, California, back in 2008 with only 5 clients, a community park and small customer base, Stay Fit Boot Camp has successfully helped over 160 clients reach their health, weight loss, and fitness goals.

Eventually reaching out into the counties of Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles County, we have remained true our core values of safety first, commitment to our clients goals, and constant improvement on all fitness levels.

By first addressing the main reason most people seek a personal trainer, and that is usually to lose belly fat, drop pant and dress sizes, and finally getting the abs of your dreams is not only our specialty, but our passion!

Stay Fit Boot Camp, not only guarantees your results, but also offers you a trial to take advantage of its 6 session rapid fat loss boot camp for only $29.

 SFBC Values

1.Safety: Stay Fit Boot Camp is committed to your safety as
aclient first and foremost.Experienced infitness field and having been
properly training with our "on field training" competency course, Stay Fit Boot Camp Instructors main goal is to keep You the client safe in all the exercise preformed in each fitness session. By properly correcting form to showing modifications for nearly every exercise if you have any sort of injury, we are committed to get you into tip top shape by first keeping you injury free and able to keep in optimal health.

2. Commitment: Stay Fit Boot Camp is committed to your overall success in your current health goals. Guaranteeing your results or you money back, is how we were able to help over 160 clients attain their personal & individually tailored health goals by January of 2012. We wish to double thisfigure through this next year by offering multiple work out locations throughout the Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles County and soon San Diego County. We invite you to take advantage of our ridiculous web offer of 6 rapid fat burn sessions for only $29

3.Improvement: Weather a seasoned athlete or just a plain couch potato,
we are not all createdequal,each one of us has a different fitness level, but that doesn't mean you have to be an elite athlete to participate in our fitness sessions. Weather you desire to gain strength, lose weight, gain lean muscle, boost your endurance level, become more cardio fit, or simply havefun in a group setting and burning fat. Truth is, all these aspects occur simultaneously in one rapid fat burn boot camp session, you defiantly need to experience this to fully understand and appreciate why Stay Fit BootCamp is radically different than any other fitness boot camp around. Take advantage of your 6 session rapid fat burn trial today

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